Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brick veneer and precast base

After a couple months of looking at plain concrete block, it's nice to see some brick veneer and a precast concrete base at the first floor exterior. The brick, mortar, and precast all match the colors on the existing library building, and when the platinum-colored curtain wall and metal panels are in place, they will bring a nice, contrasting contemporary feel to the building.

If you walked past the building a few weeks ago, you would have noticed a bright yellow material covering the first floor block. That was the closed cell spray foam insulation, which was sprayed onto the block prior to the exterior finishes being installed. Once the first floor masonry is complete, the process will start all over again with the spray foam insulation being applied to the second floor.

Closed cell spray foam insulation, taken December 1, 2011.
Scaffolding surrounds the first floor for brick laying.

Good view of the precast base.

North elevation spray foam insulation, flashing, and stacks of face brick.
The roof deck is visible at the second floor. 

Roof deck at the bridge/connector.

Roof trusses are scheduled for this week, once the deck is completed.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Second floor roof framing

While work continues on the first floor ductwork, piping, and ceiling soffit framing, the second floor roof framing is now progressing as well. The steel beams which will form the two-level flat roof over the reading room "bridge" are now in place, and bar joists now span over all major spaces.

View from the southwest

West elevation; steel beams and bar joists now visible at second floor roof

North (future) building entrance

Second floor roof framing

Second floor reading room

Lobby ceiling soffit framing

Soffit and wall framing for first floor study rooms

Monday, October 24, 2011

First floor ceilings work

Most of the activity on site last week was at the first floor level, with conduit, ductwork, and ceiling framing being installed during Thursday's site visit. The first floor ceiling will contain a rather complex series of curves, ovals, and soffits, some of which are taking shape in the following photos. Additionally, metal stud partitions are beginning to define some of the enclosed spaces, including the restrooms and study rooms.

View from the southwest

West elevation

Northwest corner

Beginning of the curved ceiling soffit framing

In the lobby, facing west
Ceiling over the open Information Commons space

Monday, September 26, 2011

Second floor slab completed

The second floor slab was poured in the wee morning hours of Friday, September 9th and now the second floor block walls are well underway. Recent heavy rains have made the site a bit muddy, but otherwise everything is looking good. Construction is on schedule for completion in April 2012.

Second floor slab, looking southeast towards the existing library

South elevation: the south entrance will be between the two
concrete columns at the center of the photo.

North and west elevations: view from the Singleton Building

North elevation

Friday, July 1, 2011

Foundation work underway

The portico at the Kimbel Library entrance was demolished in order to make way for the "bridge" element that will connect the existing library with the new Information Commons. The new building will be directly accessible from the library at both floor levels. The "bridge" will contain the lobby at first floor level and a reading room at the second floor.
The beginnings of the elevator shaft

Now that the auger cast piles are complete, the grade beams are underway.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Work Starts on the CCU Bryan Information Commons

Current view from the north towards the Information Commons site

Can you spot the Architect?